Your Guide To Fawning

The free ‘Guide to Fawning’ workbook has been specially created by Dr Madeleine Amie, a Psychologist specialising in childhood trauma and the fawn survival response.

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Become A Fierce Fawn

The fawn response is the hidden trauma coping mechanism that stems from childhood trauma.

Fawns have learnt the only path to safety in relationships is to forfeit their own sense of self, wellbeing, needs, and boundaries.

Guess what? This trauma response can be unlearned. You can overcome people pleasing, build better boundaries and deeper connections and most importantly stay true to you.

Start with the free ‘Guide to Fawning’ workbook.

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The ‘Guide to Fawning’ Workbook

What’s Included in the workbook:

  • What is fawning and how it appears in our lives
  • A self-discovery quiz
  • A guide to your healing journey
  • A structured fawn-care plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fawning

How do I know if I have a fawn survival response?

Are you highly empathetic and put others’ needs before yours? Do you have difficulty setting boundaries and feel responsible for others’ feelings?

It is likely you have an overdeveloped fawn survival response.

Will I ever be able to overcome my childhood trauma?

Yes! Inside everyone is a person who is happy, healthy and whole. Gaining knowledge and awareness is the first step in being able to heal.

How soon can I see a positive change in myself?

Personal development and healing are are a process and take time but receiving key information can create a significant perspective shift for you to start major change.

Madeleine’s natural affinity for empathy and compassion coupled with a powerful conviction to navigate an intimidating mental health system et al., helped to save me and most importantly, build a new life.

Under Madeleine’s guidance and tutelage, I have learnt how to apply a tailored set of skills and methods to create quality and longevity of life.

Madeleine’s professional applications, graciousness and humility continue to have a profound impact while her guidance highlighted the very essence of one’s humanity – making me feel connected, validated, safe and heard. Always respectful and allowing me the dignity to make my own decisions, Madeleine has always been an inspiring source of encouragement and support.

Madeleine is a lighthouse; she shone a path through some very disdainful and tumultuous periods in my life. I am alive, thriving and tackling adversity with a solid and unwavering foundation that will keep me steadfast for the rest of my life; many thanks and accolades to Madeleine.


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